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Monday, September 17, 2007

Typos and Talkos

While I'm sure alot of you know, typos(typing errors) can be rather funny at times, imagine what it's like to do it when you talk. TALKOS! Now before I start I would like to say that I love my boyfriend very much and I don't want anyone to think I am making fun of him when I write this. However, we have shared some hilarious moments due to him getting his words mixed up when talking. In case you don't know, I am English and I live in Belgium with my Belgian boyfriend Rudi. His command of the English language is excellent, in fact it is probably better than mine at times.

Whilst on a recent shopping trip, I was looking at shoes(as us women do) and Rudi spotted a pair of comfortable looking shoes. He picked them up and looked them over while saying to me, 'hey these are nice, you won't get blizzards in those'. I was creased up with laughter.

Rudi is a true lover of the 'Full English Breakfast'. This consists of: bacon, english sausages(otherwise known as bangers),black pudding, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans and toast or fried bread. There's a cafe along the road from here that serves this, much to Rudi's delight. On one occasion, when the breakfast arrived the bangers had been replaced by bog-standard Belgian sausages. Rudi was upset about this as the bangers are his favourite bit. When we left the cafe about 30 minutes later, he was still chuntering on about it as we got in the car. 'If it says badgers on the menu, then you should get badgers!' I explained to him that if he'd got a badger on his plate he should be very worried indeed!(Still chucking about this one now.)

Ok I'm not really one for sharing intimate details with complete strangers, however I believe this to be the greatest TALKO of all time!(Please let me know if I'm wrong about this, if you can top it, I'd love to hear how!!!)
Imagine the scene...Bedroom, the lights are low, the passion is rising, he looks deep into my eyes and says...'Oh baby, I love the way your nipples are so sensible'. He knew from the second the words left his lips he'd got it wrong. I tried really hard to let it pass, but the look on his face was too much to bear. Within about 10 seconds we were both rolling around on the bed, tears of laughter rolling down our faces.

I'm sure as time goes by, there are going to be alot more TALKOS, and not just from Rudi. Once I finally get the hang of Flemmish(Belgian version of Dutch), I have a feeling it won't take too long before I take my place on the throne next to Rudi's and am crowned the 'Queen of TALKOS'.


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